Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Great Debate

There was once a day that the members of the body decided to rebel. The feet were jealous of the hands because of all of the things the hands were able to do. The hands were jealous of the mouth because of the wonderful victuals the hands lifted to the mouth but that the hands could never taste. The ears were envious of the eyes because they had heard how wonderful colors were, but alas, they were not able to see them. In all of this commotion and arguing it was finally the head, more importantly the mind itself that shouted, "Enough!!"

When all had fallen silent, the mind began to speak with clarity.

To the feet it said, "You would make very poor hands for your inability to be dextrous and your lack of a thumb. And yet, without you, the body would not stand nor be able to walk."

To the hands it said, "You cannot taste but if you failed to be the hands, the body would have no nourishment and it would die."

To the ears it said, "You cannot perceive the brilliance of vivid colors but it is because of you that the body may hear the wisdom of the Gospels and the Fathers. Without such enlightenment, how whould the body be saved?"

You see... The body is the Church of Christ. Christ is the Head of the Church. We are each members with a role. All are equally important for the Body (*the Church) to function.

Let us be about God's work in what has been given us to do.


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