Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What is Required of Us?

The Church is incorruptible, inviolable, and without error. It is humans who err and cause division. We who profess Christ are imperfect in our imitation of Him. 
If we wish to walk in His footsteps more closely it will require a great sacrifice. To pick up our Cross and follow Him means that we must lay down our own selves to take upon ourselves His will; even unto death. It is to become less so that He may increase in the world. We must put aside our petty grudges (and they are all petty...) and love one another even in the midst of our grumbling at how we have hurt each other. If we have not genuine love for even the greatest of sinners then we cannot possibly perceive our own sinfulness. To hate your brother or sister is to hate the image of God that has been placed in front of you. It is, indeed to hate the image of God placed even within yourself. If you have an enemy, make him your friend. Doing so destroys your enemy. They cease to exist in truth. We must be genuine! We cannot profess love for Christ while at the same moment professing hatred for our brother. Who is our brother and who is our sister? Look next to you at all times and in all places.
Hate destroys our ability to live authentically as Christians. Hate is not a Christian virtue. If you hate your brother you cannot correct him of his errors and in return, you will not listen to his admonishment of your own sins. To know one's sins is to be able to repent of them fully.
This is a gift beyond compare.

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